Rodinia 3.1

1. Bug fix: OpenCL Hotspot, Kmeans, Leukocyte, SRAD and GPUDWT
2. New benchmarks: Hotspot3D(CUDA, OpenMP and OpenCL version) and Huffman (only CUDA version)
3. Performance improvements: OpenMP NN, BFS, LUD, HotSpot, CFD and NW, OpenCL NW and CUDA CFD

Rodinia 3.0

1. Bug fix: BFS OpenMP, NW CUDA,Pathfinder OpenCL, Leukocyte OpenCL, NN OpenMP, Particlefilter OpenMP, CUDA and OpenCL, CFD OpenCL
2. Multiple inputs:Input generator for MummGPU
3. New feature - Adjustable Kernel dimension (OpenCL & CUDA version): kmeans, lavamd, cfd, nw, hotspot, lud, gaussian, srad, heartwall, bplustree
4. New feature - Output for verification (OpenCL, CUDA and OpenMP version): LavaMD, Heartwall and Leukocyte
5.New benchmarks:1) Hybridsort 2) DWT2D   

Rodinia 2.4

     rodinia_2.4.tar.bz2 :  1). Include input generators for BFS, Kmeans, NN and Hotspot. (In $rodinia_root/data)    2). Add built-in input generator to all versions of LUD and all versions of Gauss_elimination    3). Repartition work group of Leukocyte GICOV_kernel, Kmeans kernels and B+tree kernels. This work improve compatibility of the three benchmarks on AMD GPUs and APUs.    4). Correct many bugs of myocyte OpenMP version.    5). Fix LavaMD rv_cpu array initialization problem in OpenMP, OpenCL and CUDA versions.    6). Fix CUDA 5.0 compatibility problem of Gauss_elimination and Leukocyte.   7). Correct include file bug.   

Rodinia 2.3

     rodinia_2.3.tar.bz2 :  Many bugs fixed. OpenCL: particlefilter, B+Tree, Heartwall, BFS, CFD, backprop, gaussianElim, pathfinder, streamcluster, hotspot, kmeans.   CUDA:CFD, backprop, BFS, kmeans, NN, mummerGPU. OpenMP: kmeans

Rodinia 2.2

     rodinia_2.2.tar.bz2 :  Include B+Tree and Myocyte with OMP, OCL and CUDA versions. Also include fixes for BFS (OCL), Hotspot (OCL, CUDA),  Pathfinder (OCL, CUDA), SRAD(OCL) and NN(CUDA).

Rodinia 2.1

     rodinia_2.1.tar.gz :  Include fixes for SRAD (OCL), Heartwall (OCL),  Streamcluster (CUDA) and Particle Filter

Rodinia 2.0.1

     rodinia_2.0.1.tar.gz :  Include a CUDA version of NN comparable to the OCL version, and use a new version of clutils that is BSD, not GPL

Rodinia 2.0

    rodinia_2.0.tar.gz :   Rodinia 2.0 version with cuda, openmp and opencl implementations, and application inputs

Previous Rodinia Versions:

     opencl_0.2.tar.gz  :  Ten OpenCL applications adding cfd, streamcluster, backprop, pathfinder and srad

     opencl_0.1.tar.gz  :  Five OpenCL applications including bfs, hotspot, kmeans, nn and needleman-wunsch

     rodinia_1.0.tar.gz :  Rodinia 1.0 version with cuda, openmp implementations and application inputs

Other Applications

3D Stencil

    CUDA code: cell_cuda.tar.gz

Hybrid Sort

    CUDA and CPU code:

Similarity Score

    Due to the license issue, please go to Mars to download the code.

Incremental Versions


    CUDA code leukocyte_versions.tar.gz 

Needleman Wunsch (naive)

    CUDA code nw.tar.gz

LU Decomposition

    CUDA code lud-cuda.tar.gz

    Input files lud_data.tar.gz

* This work is supported by NSF grant nos. IIS-0612049, CNS-0916908 and CNS-0615277, a grant from the SRC under task no. 1607, and grants from AMD, NEC labs, and NVIDIA Research.

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