Rodinia 3.1

1. Bug fix: OpenCL Hotspot, Kmeans, Leukocyte, SRAD and GPUDWT
2. New benchmarks: Hotspot3D(CUDA, OpenMP and OpenCL version) and Huffman (only CUDA version)
3. Performance improvements: OpenMP NN, BFS, LUD, HotSpot, CFD and NW, OpenCL NW and CUDA CFD

Rodinia 3.0

1. Bug fix: BFS OpenMP, NW CUDA,Pathfinder OpenCL, Leukocyte OpenCL, NN OpenMP, Particlefilter OpenMP, CUDA and OpenCL, CFD OpenCL
2. Multiple inputs:Input generator for MummGPU
3. New feature - Adjustable Kernel dimension (OpenCL & CUDA version): kmeans, lavamd, cfd, nw, hotspot, lud, gaussian, srad, heartwall, bplustree
4. New feature - Output for verification (OpenCL, CUDA and OpenMP version): LavaMD, Heartwall and Leukocyte
5.New benchmarks:1) Hybridsort 2) DWT2D   

Rodinia 2.4

     rodinia_2.4.tar.bz2 :  1). Include input generators for BFS, Kmeans, NN and Hotspot. (In $rodinia_root/data)    2). Add built-in input generator to all versions of LUD and all versions of Gauss_elimination    3). Repartition work group of Leukocyte GICOV_kernel, Kmeans kernels and B+tree kernels. This work improve compatibility of the three benchmarks on AMD GPUs and APUs.    4). Correct many bugs of myocyte OpenMP version.    5). Fix LavaMD rv_cpu array initialization problem in OpenMP, OpenCL and CUDA versions.    6). Fix CUDA 5.0 compatibility problem of Gauss_elimination and Leukocyte.   7). Correct include file bug.   

Rodinia 2.3

     rodinia_2.3.tar.bz2 :  Many bugs fixed. OpenCL: particlefilter, B+Tree, Heartwall, BFS, CFD, backprop, gaussianElim, pathfinder, streamcluster, hotspot, kmeans.   CUDA:CFD, backprop, BFS, kmeans, NN, mummerGPU. OpenMP: kmeans

Rodinia 2.2

     rodinia_2.2.tar.bz2: No longer available :  Includes B+Tree and Myocyte with OMP, OCL and CUDA versions. Also include fixes for BFS (OCL), Hotspot (OCL, CUDA),  Pathfinder (OCL, CUDA), SRAD(OCL) and NN(CUDA).

Rodinia 2.1

     rodinia_2.1.tar.gz :  Include fixes for SRAD (OCL), Heartwall (OCL),  Streamcluster (CUDA) and Particle Filter

Rodinia 2.0.1

     rodinia_2.0.1.tar.gz :  Include a CUDA version of NN comparable to the OCL version, and use a new version of clutils that is BSD, not GPL

Rodinia 2.0

    rodinia_2.0.tar.gz: No longer available :   Rodinia 2.0 version with cuda, openmp and opencl implementations, and application inputs

Previous Rodinia Versions:

     opencl_0.2.tar.gz  :  Ten OpenCL applications adding cfd, streamcluster, backprop, pathfinder and srad

     opencl_0.1.tar.gz  :  Five OpenCL applications including bfs, hotspot, kmeans, nn and needleman-wunsch

     rodinia_1.0.tar.gz :  Rodinia 1.0 version with cuda, openmp implementations and application inputs

Other Applications

3D Stencil

    CUDA code: cell_cuda.tar.gz

Hybrid Sort

    CUDA and CPU code:

Similarity Score

    Due to the license issue, please go to Mars to download the code.

Incremental Versions

Unfortunately, the incremental versions of Leukocyte, Needleman Wunsch, and LUD are no longer available.

* This work is supported by NSF grant nos. IIS-0612049, CNS-0916908 and CNS-0615277, a grant from the SRC under task no. 1607, and grants from AMD, NEC labs, and NVIDIA Research.

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